Babies & Children

Craniosacral therapy has become known over the last few years for its particular benefits to babies and children.

Babies, even those born naturally, undergo a significant amount of physical pressure during the birth process, and may retain some shock and compression in their bodies after the birth.  This can contribute to conditions such as colic, disturbed sleep patterns, irritability, ear infections and feeding difficulties.  Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle way of releasing the shock and compression from a baby’s system.

Craniosacral therapy can aid the healing process following trauma, injuries, operations and dental work in children. It is also used to help treat longer term conditions, including behavioural and emotional difficulties. Sometimes parents find they benefit from treatment themselves, either separately or with the child.

For babies and children, the therapist would find the most appropriate way to treat, whether the child is in the arms of a parent or playing with toys on the floor.